The smartest document and attachment Management for JD Edwards

Store your JD Edwards attachments in the cloud and improve collaboration.

JDOX is a SaaS solution to manage your ERP documents. It makes viewing and working with attachments easier. Furthermore because documents aren’t stored on a local server anymore it makes collaboration easier (external access, sharing of documents etc.)

Benefits and features

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Using Jdox will:

Get started easily

JDOX can be set-up in hours. Do you want to start with a demo or a call for some more background?

Customer stories

how it works

How it works

JDOX runs in the cloud and connects directly to your JD Edwards AIS Server. The SaaS platform connects over a secure connection to your JD Edwards environment, whether this runs on-premise or in the cloud .

JDOX is configured easily to connect to your environment. All documents are stored as attachments through a link to the actual file. The actual file is stored in AWS or Azure (depending on the customer demand). Besides viewing the attachments in JD Edwards users can also access the files through a web interface using a google type of search or chatbot.

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What about security and reliability?

JDOX runs on the AWS platform in a secure and stable environment. JDOX connects on a secure way to your JD Edwards AIS server. JDOX is a certified ‘Well Architected’ AWS application which certifies the platform works according to all high AWS application design standards. Last but not least JDOX can also be implemented with an Azure variant. Storing documents in Azure  storage.